How to secure your Zipper

Elegant use of Zipper: As we know zipper is a decorative and essential portion of any garments but sometime these devices may make panic due to some unexpected reasons. Let’s find the following reasons to erase those unexpected hassle. 

1) If slider caught in fiber:
Slider may grip on fabric or thread when try to open or close. Trying to release the slider by forcing will only deteriorate this trouble. First pull the fabric back and forth a few times to get it out or press the slider back; erase the trapped fabric or thread. Do not force back but get back softly, if the slider chews deeply into the fiber. To remove this hassle, please take extra care to keep away from the opportunity of the zipper getting caught during sewing the zippers on garments.

2) Uneven closing and opening:
If a slider spoiled by forcing that doesn't close or open efficiently. That time use the lubricating spray or paraffin oil to the front and back part of the slider and pull the slider up and down several times until it works easily. Polish the zipper teeth with a bar glycerin soap, oil pastel, candle wax or pencil graphite etc.

Some innovative start up business ideas concern with garments industry

Introduction: If you got some experiences on garment industry or having close interaction with this sector, you may think to start something new by yourself. Mostly you may find some small business opportunities which are related with garments sector as product or service.

At the beginning you may start your business in small range but when your business becomes financially strong you may think something big.

1. Set up a small factory: If you having few years work experiences in garments industry or engage with tailoring business and gathered sound knowledge on

fashion trend> pattern > cutting > sewing process. You can set up a small garments industry or boutique house. Beside this, collecting leftover fabrics and accessories from garments factory, you can transform them as hat, kid’s item, wallet, purse, man’s casual item or something new. You may sell your product to retailers or whole sellers or sell your finished goods by creating face book fan page or online shop. You can produce fashionable man’s wear item like as shirt/ t-shirt/shorts/trousers/cap/gloves, ladies item like as tops/salwar/kamiz/blouse/skirts, official uniforms/school dresses, backpack, toys or lingerie items etc.         

SOP of laser cut machine using in garments industry

Laser machine generates a concentrated ray of coherent light or electromagnetic radiation in one direction, that light amplification by computer-generated emission of radiation. High temperature produced during cutting can fuse fabric edges by melting. Laser machine only be operated by trained safety certified member and following advice have to obey during operation.

laser cut machine
1. Everyday operator should clean machine before start any task.

2. Have to check laser machines air pressure.

3. When starting machine, fill water in the water tank and examine the work condition of circulation pump after set temperature 22c – 23c.

4. Please open your computer and then open laser software, wait minimum ten minutes to give cut command to start any task.

How to tackle Bottleneck situation in garments sector

The upper narrow section of a bottle is called neck (opening side) and it creates obstruction in the way from large portion of bottle to narrow portion as a whole. It’s a metaphorical scene of obstruction of garments production sector. At a sense bottleneck means loss of production and loss of profit in an organization.

Why arise bottlenecks
There are so many reasons to arise a bottleneck situation in the production line what is described beneath

A) Bottleneck before input in line:
1. If issue is not supplied in time from respective supplier
2. If issue comes late from material department or sub-store
3. If issues serial number is mistaken
4. Bundle mistake
5. Wrong issue supplying
6. Pattern problem etc

Quality that requires being a successful garments employee

As all of we know RMG is a sector where many people gather to reach a particular goal. To become a successful member of this squad one should enrich some qualities. Gathered from the long tenure of our service life those values narrated below.

Action plan: - you may be disappointed if you fail, but you will be doomed if you don’t try. So-

1. Be practical and make a true vision
2. Start your day with something constructive
3. Change vision, look for the positive and feel interest
4. Learn to like the things that need to be done.
5. Make a practice of doing it now
6. Build up an approach of gratefulness
7. Stay far from nonconstructive influence 
8. Generate a continuous education program for yourself.
9. Build positive self-esteem.

Action Step: - Write your action steps down in diary or index and read them everyday. For the next 15 min. hear the following questions:

Bulk Fabric Cutting Procedure in Garment Industry

Cutting is an important part of garment industry. Cutting section does their job as per production plan. Whenever fabric received from material department to issue production line cutting section has to follow so many steps. To ready issue for the production line cutting section has to follow the following steps.

 For example as per production plan style “A” will be input from 20th August in the XYZ factory, 3rd floor > line- B. Then floor APG will request to cutting section concern person for size set cutting. Meantime concern APG will collect approved sample and update comments from merchandiser and handover to cutting team. Cutting team will check with pattern maker to make sure the pattern and collect marker from cad section to prepare the size set cutting.

Size set cutting:

1. Should collect fabric from material department as per material list for 50-100 pics.

2. Should collect trim card, work sheet and assortment.

3. Prepare to cut each size 2 pics and arrange issue to production line.

World’s most popular fashion designers

Wearing clothes is exclusively a human characteristic, which dates back to 500,000 years. Animal skins and vegetation were also adapted as covering to protect from cold, heat and rain, particularly when humans migrated to new climates. In the process clothing served other purposes as well, signifying magic, decoration, cultural, prestige, social status etc. In the light of need and fashion, fashion design endeavors, stitch by stitch, to record the golden past of the art of wearing scattered all over the world.

Whatever style comes to their mind, they draw it, and the world will follow. These are the real trendsetters. They are the ones whose creativity would lead to the latest fashion trends to be worn by socialites, celebrities and models. We admire the supermodels ramping up and down the runway, but the real stars of the show are the clothes and the people behind its design. Fashion design is the art of the application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social latitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers are the people who not only design clothes, but also design dreams. Usually we know New York City is called the heaven of fashion designers. Who likes to be a fashion designer and uphold lot of dreams, should come to NYC to fruitful their passions. The following life sketch is created based on success and fame earned by a fashion designer.